Initial Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development

Blogs about initial teacher training

Initial Teacher Training is the formative part of a teacher's career. The skills and knowledge that they gain throughout their training will inform the rest of their career; their teaching, their decision making, their attitude to change and development, their relationships with students, their drive, their enjoyment of professional development, amongst many other things. I believe that teacher training should not be a 'tick box' exercise, but should be something personalised to every teacher and should respond to their specific skills, needs and interests. 

I am currently in the process of designing such a program. The aim is that the program will be:

  • creative

  • responsive

  • personalised

  • rigorous

  • research-led

  • interesting

  • coherent

  • Bedalian 


Above all, I aim to develop a scheme which will inspire further professional development for NQTs and more experienced teachers. In this section of the website links to blogs about the development of an ITT program can be found, and I will also upload ideas and resources as I produce them!

Blogs about continuing professional development

In this era of longer careers for teacher and rapid advancements in educational technology, it is imperative to have access to high quality professional development schemes which are coherent, meaningful and useful. Teachers qualifying today could be working until 2063 (I am going to be working until 2057!), which means that front-loaded initial teacher training is not going to be sufficient to prepare a teacher for a successful career. Instead, we need to ensure that teachers have access to CPD which is not just a day of training on this here, and on that there. There also need to be opportunities for teachers to re-engage in the academic side of education which, inevitably, moves on dramatically during their career from the accepted wisdom during their training. 

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