• Emily Rose Seeber

Soundbite: I never thought I'd end up on page 3

Of the Times that is.

This morning, while I was in a seminar for my MSc, and my phone was being used to skype one of our fellow students, it started pinging almost constantly. When the session finished, I realised that the Times had run a version of my article in Tes, and it was causing a shit-storm on Twitter.

The Times piece is HERE.

And the original piece for Tes is HERE.

I guess the original held at least some interest. I'd had messages in three different ways from editors at Radio 4. On Twitter, by email, and through my website.

An hour or so later Good Morning Britain started messaging me, trying to give me a call.

I couldn't really face much lunch, because I was generally a bit baffled. Tried to get hold of some of my colleagues at Bedales for their advice, and so headed back to the train station in Oxford.

When I got there, I thought I'd better have a look in the Times to see if the article was in print, or just online. I knew it was a short piece, so I started at the back, and worked my way forwards. I skipped over the sports sections, and money and business, and was making my way ever further forwards. As I got to the front I just assumed the article was online only, and then I saw it at the bottom of page 3. The first thing you'd look at if you opened the paper. Bloody hell.

I spoke to Radio 4 on the PM programme at about 5:20 which was fairly terrifying (even after kicking Kyle out of the room and having a pep talk from the head of external relations).

But I'm not planning on talking to Piers Morgan.

Weird day.



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