• Emily Rose Seeber

Twenty Seventeen

I did some things in 2017. And some things just happened.

Twenty Good Things

  • I became Head of Science, but stayed being Head of Chemistry too.

  • Ran my first half marathon (and my second).

  • I went kayaking on Christmas day.

  • I wrote an article for the Guardian which has been shared over 360 times.

  • I've started an MSc in Teacher Education.

  • I met up with my brother in San Francisco and ate Indonesian food at the same restaurant I went to with my parents the last time I was out there.

  • Toured around the California deserts with my lovely husband.

  • Went on 84 runs.

  • Read 45 books.

  • Started this blog and have written 55 blogs so far. The most read has over 900 hits.

  • Went on an epic Welsh adventure weekend with my friends.

  • Took 25 kids to China and went first class on the overnight train (in stark contrast to my previous overnight train experiences in standing class).

  • I bought a Chinese tea ceremony set and have had some great times drinking green tea with my great friend, Beth.

  • Absolutely smashed Go Ape.

  • I got a distinction in my MA in Political Philosophy.

  • Went on the Geography trip to Iceland, walked on a glacier and went dry-suit diving in the continental gap.

  • Saw Federer playing tennis at the O2.

  • Started the Feminist Book Club at school.

  • My friends and I won at the Crystal Maze.

  • Got an iPhone X.

Seventeen Slightly More Suspect Things

  1. Paid for an iPhone X.

  2. My husband went for 6 weeks without shaving so now has a strange patchy beard.

  3. I pulled a tendon in my foot and have been off running since October.

  4. Ran 10k in Leeds Abbey Dash with my sister with the dodgy ankle.

  5. I lost to Kyle at Monopoly.

  6. Mum had a stroke. And then another one. (But she's a trouper and doing amazingly well now.)

  7. Suffered crippling end-of-termitis in the summer holidays.

  8. Bought a new suitcase which doesn't fit into the boot of our car, so I had to have it on my lap when I got back from China.

  9. How the Light Gets In was cancelled so I missed out on my annual dose of champagne socialism and philosophy.

  10. Discovered that I've forgotten how to hit a backhand in tennis.

  11. I lost my favourite jeans.

  12. Was forced to hire a cleaner because I'm not a real adult.

  13. Came out of a motel in Salinas, CA to find 4 police cars (including CSI), a fire truck and an ambulance downstairs.

  14. Went on the car insurance as a Learner (which actually saved £50).

  15. Missed my annual girls' holiday with Beth as it clashed with the China trip.

  16. Drank too much whiskey with my father.

  17. Facebook reminded me what I looked like 9 years ago.

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