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Blogs about Chemistry

Energetics is one of my favourite topics to teach at IGCSE. It is practical, but also gives students a deeper understanding of chemistry, and a taste for the the way chemical explanations are given at A-level. I am just going to share a few resources I have developed here and how I have used them.

This concept cartoon activity is designed to get students thinking about fair testing and designing an effective investigation into the order of reactivity for a range of metals. Although I do not usually do this investigation with students (they just plan it), there is no reason why this could not be carried out in class.

This practical task involves students using enthalpy change to determine the volume of hydrochloric acid required to neutralise a solution of sodium hydroxide. The students then go on to calculate the value for the energy released in Joules and, where appropriate, could determine the enthalpy of neutralisation or the concentration one of the solutions.