Professional Summary

A doctoral student in Educational Studies at the University of Michigan focused on the intersection between teacher education and educational policy. 

Over eight years experience teaching Chemistry and leading academic departments in progressive UK boarding schools. Designed and implemented novel teacher education program in response to the limitations of more traditional routes into teaching.

Author for a range of professional education publications evaluating educational research in the practice context. 


 Research        Communication         Policy Evaluation        Teacher Education 
 Data Analysis              Teaching              Mentoring             Academic Leadership

Work Experience


Graduate Student Research Assistant

University of Michigan

Details to follow...


Graduate Student Instructor

University of Michigan

EDUC 118 Introduction to Education: Schooling and the Multicultural Society (Grader)


Head of Sciences

Bedales School, UK

Co-ordinated a forward thinking, research-led sciences department of 14 teachers and 3 technicians. This included developing a teacher education program for and mentoring two Initial Teacher Trainees. 


Head of Chemistry

St Catherine's School, UK

Teaching and leading an academically high achieving department, supporting students with university applications, and leading whole school initiatives. 



University of Michigan

PhD in Educational Studies


University of Oxford

MSc in Teacher Education


Open University

MA in Political Philosophy


University of Oxford

MChem in Chemistry

Professional Publications

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